Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chicken Rustler

Am I a chicken thief?  That's a hanging offense around here (or shooting, at least!). 

After running late most of the day (remember how I said that when you're running late, EVERYBODY needs water?), I finally got on the road.  I needed to pick up hatching eggs from Dawn, take them down to Derby to Teresa, meet some of the other Back Yard Chickens girls, pick up some chicks to bring back to Dawn, and pick up guineas to raise.  Oh yeah, I had to stop for gas, plus pick up some nummies to take to the gathering.

I felt like I'd been clubbed with a brick when I got to the upscale Dillon's in Wichita and discovered that they had done away with the olive bar.  EEK!  Well, at least they had sushi . . .actually maki, but still good.  I finally made it out to Karen's place.  Late but I made it. 

Folks, that was one of the most pleasant afternoons I've spent in a while, and I've had my share.  I got to meet and talk to fellow chicken people--actually TALK and not type.  I got to see their FACES, not just icons.  It ROCKED.  I even got to have adult conversation with someone outside my family.  For those of you that don't have kids, you have no idea how cool that is.  We kicked back, talked, munched, went out to look at the chickens . . .altogether an amazing afternoon.

Here we are, the Crazy Chicken Ladies!
JosieC, Verna, me, Karen, Loralee, and Teresa

I was still running late.  I got to Dawn's to drop off her chicks and spent a little too much time talking.  I looked at the time and just about had a heart attack.  I'm running the farmers' market, and it starts at FIVE!  I'm not going to be able to make it home by then, let alone load up!!! 

Up steps my wonderful husband.  He loaded up the kids, loaded up my table (and non-perishables) and set up for me.  I got home, got the baby guineas set up with some food and water, and headed out myself.  I sent him home after I got there and let the kids keep playing.  We had a great night--my other vendor (Darlene) even made some money off me, but I sold plenty.  Sure wish I would have brought eggs, since someone was there looking for them!

So we get home and have supper (that Scott was wonderful enough to make).  I move chickens around to make room for the itty bitty baby guineas.  I get the guineas set up in my brooder and break a heat lamp in the process :( .  So, I'm out there admiring them and I notice . . .hmmm, that one doesn't have stripes on its head like the other ones do.  Its body looks a little different too!  Mind you, I'm not a guinea expert, but this looks like a chicken to me.

How mortifying.  To just meet someone and steal one of their chickens?  YIKES!  So, I called Karen.  Nope, she wasn't missing one--all of hers in the brooder were ducks, and I'm dang sure this isn't a duck.  Maybe Teresa was missing one?  Nope, she only brought the 2 for Dawn, and they stayed in their own box.  I'm waiting to hear back from Verna--I don't want to be known as the chicken rustler! :D  (I'd post a pic here, but the brooder lamp makes everything red.  Can't see a dadgum thing.)

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