Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Speaking Terms

Every day, something good happens to you.  Sometimes you need to look for it, but other times it gets dropped in your lap like a ripe peach for you to enjoy.

Saturday mornings have been pretty depressing.  I get up early, do my chores, then I head out to the farmers' market, and I sit there.  ALONE.  Nobody else sets up, nobody stops by, so I usually pack it in and head back home to finish more chores.  Talk about starting out your day on the wrong note.

Today was different.  Yeah, I was running late as usual, but at least I'd had a shower.  To my incredible surprise, there was SOMEONE ELSE SET UP!!  My jaw just about hit the ground. 

Lo and behold, they had produce.  Of course, I hear that somebody else is setting up at the other park in town, but hey.  They could have been here and having fun with us.  Because that's what we were doing--having fun! 

Then someone walked up to me and asked if I was the Thornhill that wrote for the Hillsboro Free Press (apparently my I <3 chicks shirt tipped him off).  Sure I am.  Joel, Dawn, and I had a really great conversation--as a matter of fact, she has some chickens that I WANT, and I'm going to put some eggs under my broody hen for her tomorrow.  How cool is that? 

Then I get on to write my blog.  As usual, I check on my stats--you know, how many views, from what countries, what posts are popular, and where referrals come from.  I got knocked flat.  A link showed up there that I'd never seen before, so I clicked on it to see just who was referring me.  An amazing site met my eyes.

I'm joining it.  Y'all, please go to if you value your food (and your chickens!!) as much as I do.  Their kind selves have included a link to my Chicken Math in a blog about their own Chicken Math, so please do them a favor and check it out.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

As the final cap on the day, my wonderful, handsome, sweet, long-suffering husband Scott just dropped another bombshell on me.  Mind you, the entire time we've been married, the only time he's ever eaten fried chicken with bones in was on our honeymoon (when he was STARVING, or so he says).  So, I've resigned myself to making boneless fried chicken.  Tonight, he told me that he's willing to eat OUR chickens fried with the bones in.  Again, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  Hey, that's great!  I can't wait to test the idea!!!!

The moral of tonight's story is that you should never be afraid to talk to people.  You never know what kind of friends you might make.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful link! :)

    Unfortunately the closest eggzy farm to me is over an hour away. Hopefully I find find some local eggs a bit closer than having to drive an hour each direction. (Kind of defeats the point if I have to spend $12 in gas just to get a dozen eggs!)

    Though on the good side of things, my wife and I are now planning to built our own little coop starting out with a half dozen hens that we have realistically slated for Spring 2013.

    I think we're going to use the plans for a Catawba Converti Coop. We really liked the design and mobility of it, and even though I'm not exactly a carpenter, I can hammer a nail straight, and my awesome next door neighbor has a miter saw that I'll borrow. Come to think of it, his girlfriend is a master carpenter and just built their deck last year almost entirely by herself. Looks like I have some shmoozing to do. ;)

    1. Wild, check out my previous blog called Nuts, Bolts, & Nails. That's what my hubby has been building for me. It's a 4x8 chicken tractor. There are some modifications I'd like to make (it's a little heavy, and I'd like an enclosed roosting area) but it might be a good start! :) Thanks for joining!