Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rest In Peace, Rowan.

Back when my hubby and I first met, he had no pets.  I couldn't believe it.  After much discussion (and a coworker who had free kittens), he got two.  One of them picked me.  His name is Ruaidh (Gaelic for red), and the other one was Rowan, who picked Scott by promptly falling asleep in his arms. 

Ruaidh, pronounced Roy, was always the friendly one, while Rowan was always a little shy of strangers.  Still, she was my constant couch companion while I was pregnant (both times).  If you knew her and she knew you, she was cuddly.

That's her in the front, Ruaidh in the back.

Sure, she had her moments . . .like when she was laying next to you and sucking on her feet.  She'd appear out of nowhere to be your little feline speedbump. 

Folks, tonight she died.  I'm not quite sure what was wrong, but she was gasping for breath and moaning.  Every now and then she'd have a seizure.  We all took turns sitting with her to let her know we loved her.  She passed her final moments on a pillow. 

Rowan, I'll miss you.  Scott will miss you.  The kids will miss you.  You were an incredible kitty.  May your spirit return to grace us.

We love you, Rowan.  Thank you for blessing our lives.


  1. Aw, so sorry, Shana! It's tough to lose a sweet furry friend. He was a very pretty kitty. Reminds me of my Roscoe.

    1. Thanks, Sally :) I forgot to put in the bit about how she'd come up behind Scott or me when we were at the computer and bat at our arms--the first few times, we jumped out of the chair!! She was really a great kitty.

  2. Makes me want to go give my kitty a hug, except he really hates hugs.

  3. Fearless, I am sorry for the loss you and your family have now. Gray tabby's make the best cats. We always named ours with names that start with M because they all seem to have an M just above their eyebrows. All of mine have been the best, except one who is deranged and anti-social to everyone. She has an excuse, we got her as an orphan kitten who was hanging around the consulate in Dhahran. She only likes our tortoise-shell female, Sufi, who is by the way on her second incarnation as our companion. Her former life she was named Sarah and lived a remarkable eighteen years with us. Now as Sufi approaches the end of her life we know we will be sad again but that she will probably come back to us again if we deserve it. I hope. Every animal we have ever had was rescued like your Rowan and look what she has give all of you. She helped your children and husband learn to love and care for cats and I bet was a loyal constant comfort. Rest in peace Rowan and come back again if you need to.