Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you fracking SERIOUS?

We should all be angry.  SERIOUSLY ANGRY that any state has even considered this.  For those of you who don't know, "fracking," or hydraulic fracturing, involves drilling deeply into the rock and then injecting water filled with chemicals and sand to open seams in the rock to extract oil or natural gas. 

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You're probably thinking "hey great!  New sources for natural gas!"  WRONG.  In Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, fracking has resulted in documented cases of natural gas mixing in with groundwater and private wells, sometimes to the extent that people can ignite the water coming out of their faucets.  That's not even taking into mention the chemicals they inject into the ground to do it.  Hmmm, where do those chemicals go?

I live near a reservoir that provides not only surrounding towns with water, but is a terrific tourist destination for camping, swimming, and fishing.  Hm, what's going to happen to that if the water suddenly gets contaminated with chemicals and gas?  It's bad enough when we have a yearly blue-green algae bloom caused by an influx of cow poop.  Sure, let's pile on more chemicals and see where we are then.  Why go to the lake if you can't swim or fish?  Why drink water when it might kill you?  Why not let a town die out, poisoned?

And then it gets closer to home.  We use well water.  It's good, sweet water.  Has anyone in on this travesty thought about protecting my well?  I doubt it.  I can say no on my property, but if any neighbors give the OK, it'll ruin my well.  Sure, pump those chemicals in.  My animals won't mind, will they?  My organic produce won't be organic anymore, but it isn't a big deal, is it?  My family's health isn't that important, is it?  Yeah, SURE we have plenty of extra money to not only put in a pipeline to bring our water in (from a contaminated reservoir) but to pay the levy for a more stringent sanitation at the water department, which will probably miss the important lethal stuff anyway.  But hey, somebody somewhere will be making money!  AWESOME. 


Then let's talk about the earthquakes.  Mind you, I live in Tornado Alley and I accept that.  I dealt with tropical storms when I lived in Texas.  If I would have wanted to deal with earthquakes, I'd have moved to California.  But the reality of the matter is that the disposal wells from fracking CAUSE earthquakes.  Check out the tone of geophysicist Art McGarr in this article:
I guess he's pretty used to earthquakes because he lives in California.

Oh sure, I should just get ready to accept more earthquakes.  In Kansas.  RIIIIIIGHT.  Tell me that when I get thrown off my horse and break my leg because someone had to make money.  Tell me that when my income (aka my laying chickens) get thrown around and stop laying.  Whisper it softly in my ear when my heirloom china or valued collections get broken.  Maybe I'll believe you then.

Folks, please start writing your representatives no matter where you live.  Don't allow this to go on.  Anywhere.  There are plenty of sources of oil and natural gas that can be obtained at much less impact.  Even the Alaskan Pipeline has only minimally affected caribou.  And it's just a slight adjustment in migration patterns.

Earthquakes and poisoned water concern us ALL.  Us, our kids, our animals (both domestic and wild).  Keep that in mind.  Love your neighbor and protect them.  Protect us all.  Sometimes we get so caught up in what we CAN do, we don't stop to think if we SHOULD.

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