Friday, January 6, 2012

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati

Thanks to Red Green.  I'm borrowing the Possum Lodge motto which (loosely) means "when all else fails, play dead."

I WISH I could play dead.  I seriously want to climb into bed and pull the covers up over my head (for multiple reasons) and pretend that the monsters aren't going to get me, and never get out.  Not gonna happen.  So, I'll do the next best thing:  think positive.

I got to see one of my twin sisters today, and have a good visit, and I could bring her some Nie Joash Kooka.  I met Theresa at my sis's yarn shop, and she seems like a great person to know.  Arthur stayed dry all day!!  (although we did have to visit many different restrooms so he could check them out)

Severely in need of calm, of course I went to the coop.  Mary had laid an egg, and Beautiful Sweet was in a cuddly mood.  Good thing too, cos I needed cuddling.  Beautiful Sweet made the decision for me--I'd always wanted to have her as an ambassa-chicken, but wasn't sure how she'd do.  Today, she was content to hang out on my shoulders and peep in my ear.  PERFECT.

The horses were no less accomodating.  They whuffled in my ears and tried to eat my hair.  Thank goodness for their big fuzzy bodies and warm noses.  Someone once said the best thing for the inside of a man was the outside of a horse.  They were right.

Even my hubby has been stellar today.  In addition to telling his friends about this blog, he brought me a special present:

I'll let you know how it tastes tomorrow.  I'm still reeling from the incredible high and the terrible low.  If this is what it means when you're bipolar, I want no part of it.  But I'm going to find an upside.  The kids are healthy.  Scott and I are healthy.  The chickens, horses, cats, and dogs are healthy.  We have a warm safe home.  We have good food to eat.  And hey, I'm going to write a dynamite column tomorrow for my first publication. 

I don't mean to bum you out tonight, folks.  I'm kinda bummed myself, but I still have lots to be thankful for and lots to work for.  Thank you all for reading me (one of the things I'm thankful for!) and please continue to do so.  I promise I'll get more cheerful soon.

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