Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tie Dye For: The Final Chapter . . .or is it?

My amazingly talented niece with her shirts

So today was The Great Rinsing And Unveiling.  I couldn't be more tickled with how Tiya's shirts turned out--she really has a talent for tie-dye!  We ended up rinsing them out in the tub, since I didn't feel like running a hose out and having my hands in cold water and cold wind this morning.  Still, I think they came out marvellously.  I was pretty happy with the ones I did for my kids too.  And, since we mostly used my dyes, she's got plenty left to COME DO IT AGAIN!

Yesterday and today with my niece and nephew were so very awesome.  They're great kids--smart, talented, and well mannered--just a pleasure to be around.  They even texted their mom to get permission to go shooting.  Before we went out, I quizzed them about gun safety rules (thinking that we'd have to go over all of them again).  They nailed all the safety points, and even Caitlin and Arthur got in a few.  We were good to go.

I just wish Arthur hadn't leaned on the rotten board on our neighbors' picnic table.  Looks like I owe them a board, as well as a new target sticker.  Still, we all had some great fun, so it's worth it.  Even the littles got to shoot with my help. 

Today was a day Tie Dye For.  I hope that the kiddos can come back out in summer and go fishing with us!! 

Tiya, Adam, thanks for being so awesome.  Stirling, Becky, thanks for loaning them to us--and I really mean it when I say I want them to come back. 

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