Friday, February 17, 2012

Tie Dye For Part II

Today has gone better than I ever thought it could.  My niece and nephew have been absolute joys today--they helped with chores, they played with my kids, and were just generally awesome.  My brother and his wife have raised some exemplary children.

Tiya and I got our tie dye started too.  It was an absolute HOOT!  (How in the world did I end up with 5 packages of purple?  The world may never know.)  We both chose not to use gloves, so we dyed our hands too. 

I really hope her mom won't be too mad that she got a few drops of dye on her jeans . . .eek.  Still, she came up with some really innovative new ideas that I hadn't even thought of before. 

This last one is Claire the Great White Hunter being a helpful kitty and supervising our efforts. 
She actually perched on my back for a while.

So it's been a great day.  Tomorrow is the great "Rinsing Of the Garments" and while they dry, I'm going to take my niece (aka Annie Oakley) out to shoot at some cans.  Life is good.  I hope they can come more often.  Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!

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