Sunday, April 1, 2012

Can You Hear Me (Growing) Now?

After the heat and drought last year, I was really hoping for a bumper crop this year.  It looks, at least so far, like I'm going to get my wish. 

When we moved out here, I heard that Harry and Margie were getting over 100 lbs of asparagus a year.  Folks, that's a LOT of asparagus.  I was really disappointed when, after tallying up our last year's yield, we only got 75 lbs.  This year, we might actually outpace them.

Not only did my wonderful hubby buy me (and plant for me too!) some 2 year old purple asparagus crowns, he's got the watering system figured out AND fertilized with horse manure.  We had a few fronds come up a few days ago.  I picked them and ate them as I walked since they were so tiny.

The other day we got a few keepers.  Barb and Ralph (our sainted neighbors) said that we could have theirs too.  Still, it's early in the season, right?  There won't be much.  YEAH RIGHT. 

The first few days, we averaged close to a pound a day.  Today, however, we came pretty dang close to 5 pounds.  And that's with me not picking anything under 6 inches tall.  We've already filled a huge tupperware bucket in the fridge and the season's just starting.  I swear I can hear the stalks growing.  It's kind of a quiet thing, but you can hear them straining out of the earth.

So, it's not easy peeing green, LOL.  What we don't sell fresh, we'll pickle (and if you've never had pickled asparagus, you're missing something!), freeze, or dehydrate.  Dehydrated asparagus is an awesome addition to soups or stews, and still tastes great on its own.  I sure am glad that we've taught the kids to love their veggies. 

Meanwhile, the potatoes are coming up nicely.  The carrots, lettuce (leaf and romaine), and onions are doing great.  I think some radishes, beets, and peas are making their presence known.  After even a mild winter, it sure does feel good being surrounded by an ocean of green leaves and blossoms. 

The chickens are outdoing themselves.  Every single hen laid today, with the exception of Beautiful Sweet the Silkie who is sitting on some Phoenix eggs.  I love to go hang out with them and "egg" them on, haha. 

I love spring.  The smell of lilacs perfumes my house.  My chickies are happy.  My horses are finding more of their own forage.  The kids can go out and play until they wear themselves out (without driving me nuts in the house).  Here's to a bumper crop year!

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