Friday, April 13, 2012

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night . . .

Well, OK, it isn't stormy YET, but it will be.  We're receiving dire predictions of severe weather all day, with a pretty good sized area (around where I live) having a 70% chance of tornadoes.

Of course, since I live in Kansas, I'll probably rush out to see if I can see it.  It's rather thrilling to see storms build up during the day--you wouldn't believe how fast they can build and move.  At night, it's another matter.  It's kind of like camping out in a tent without a campfire in bear country . . .and you just realized you opened jerky for a midnight snack.  You can't see them coming.  We live far enough out of town that we only hear the sirens when it's absolutely calm and we're outside.  I don't plan to sleep outside tonight.

"Why not get a weather radio?"  you're probably asking.  Well, because whenever I see them we either don't need one or I'm on a budget that week.  Somehow a weather radio fund keeps slipping my mind as well.  So I guess you don't pays your money, you takes your chances!

I've always been fascinated by storms though.  Let me share a little bit of Kansas weather with you!

Photo courtesy of Lisa Pierce
This is one of the storms building up today.

Photo from
This one went through Wichita in 2008

Photo from
Lightning over Kansas City in 2010

Photo from
Lawrence in 2011

But it's not all like this.  Sure, it gives us some excitement, but we usually get to see this:

photo from

or this:

Photo from

Come on out and visit sometime!  After all, people pay big money for those stormchaser tours.  I get to live it for free!

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