Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing Up

This one isn't mostly about the farm, although things are growing nicely.  The lettuce is all up, the potatoes and peas are up, some tomatoes are planted, and the asparagus is going nuts (at least when it's warmer).

My daughter came to me last week and asked if she could get her ears pierced.  Mind you, I'm pierced and tattooed too, but it should be for a better reason than "everybody else is doing it."  When I asked her why, she said "to make my ears prettier, mom!"  There was nothing in there about "everybody else is doing it" or the like.  When I told her that her ears were already beautiful, she said "but I want them to be sparkly!"

Ok, that hit a weak point.  I have a major weak point for sparkly.  Maybe it's the belly dance thing.  Still, my little girl wanted sparkly ears, and I thought I could make that happen.

Barb mentioned that she did ear piercing long ago.  Hmmm, I thought.  Cait's birthday is coming up soon, and I'll bet she'd love that as a present.  I dispatched Scott to get studs on his trip to the big city.  He couldn't find the right ones AND the brakes were going out on the truck.  GACK.

Long story short, Barb made us an appointment with her friend in Hillsboro.  I'd kept it secret till tonight since this is part of her birthday present, as well as a reward for being well-behaved at school.  I'd mention it, but told her nothing but that she'd get her surprise on Wednesday.  She kept asking for her surprise after getting off the bus tonight.  Finally, I pulled her up in my lap and whispered in her ear that she was going tonight to get her ears pierced.

Her face lit up brighter than a halogen spotlight.  She gasped "mom!"  Of course then, she was wondering what kind of earrings she'd have.  Hearts?  Stars?  Flowers?  I told her we'd have to wait and see.  I gave her a little prep course in what to expect, and she seemed OK with it.  She wanted to make sure she could sit on my lap, hold my hands tightly, and have me hold her close.  Of course, when I told her we were taking Barb out to dinner, she wanted to look fancy.  We found a sparkly shirt (and convinced her to wear it over her jeans).  We did her hair--I actually broke out a curling iron that I don't think I've used in 10 years.  She got glittery lipstick.  She was READY.

Barb came to pick us up.  We got to the salon and all was good--Caitlin picked (after MUCH deliberation) a pair of "diamond" studs with gold prongs that look like stars.  She almost went for the hearts.  She started to squirm a little bit when the lady marked her ears to be sure the earrings went in right, but that was OK. 

She was good until the first stud went in, then the tears came.  Still, Barb was there to help calm her down and tell her to relax.  The second stud went in.  Caitlin got candy.  TOO COOL.  By the time we crossed the street to the Mexican restaurant, she was tossing her head and acting like her usual princess self . . .if not more so.  Even tonight, she was following directions and rotating her studs and acting surprised that they didn't hurt any more!  That's my tough farm girl!

So here she is, my little sweetie with holes in her head :D

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