Saturday, December 31, 2011


Today was our last Christmas gathering.  To my astonishment, it went well.  The ham got put in at the right time, none of the veranika  exploded, and there was more than plenty to eat.  I was a little chagrined at our budget for gifts, but hey, it's the time you spend.   (Martiya's hat cost $50 in time . . .LOL)

As always, my family outdid themselves.  TSC gift certificates, photos, books--all perfect.  The kiddos are still playing with their presents, which means they love them (the ones they don't like are broken after an hour).  Then on to one of the best parts of the day, which might just have to become a tradition.

Shooting.  My stepdad had loaned me a .22 rifle because he knows I'm stalking a raccoon and a possum.  We had talked about going target shooting before, but it never happened.  Well, today, it was gorgeous out, plus Scott (O wonderful man) had gotten me some bullets for Christmas.  We all went out to shoot cans by the pasture. 

Even the kids got to try, and learn some gun safety. 
oooo.  I look like a terrorist, what with the Tea Party hat and all.  Next time I'll wear my fatigues and REALLY look convincing.  Yes, I do own combat boots.  Here's my nephew Adam (sorry, Tiya--I don't see any of you!!  ARGH!  And for those of you who are wondering, Tiya is a naturally good shot!)

Here's Scott giving Caitlin lessons:

and, for a more peaceful take on the day:

Here is my lovely niece (fearless farm fraulein in training!) holding Beautiful Sweet.  Brave girl--she'd never held a chicken before and was a little creeped out at first, but she took to it like a chicken to scratch (big huge happy grins). 

I'm so glad that we had a beautiful day.  I'm doubly glad that everyone could come.  I'm triply glad that my niece and nephew might get to spend the weekend with us soon and TIE DYE!!!  Presents were the icing on the cake--I'm so glad that Tiya liked the hat I slaved over, Adam liked his generic Legos (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find Legos that aren't meant to build ONE CERTAIN THING), and Becky and Stir were pretty OK with theirs too, or at least had the grace to appear so :) 

Losing Aunt Shirlee made me appreciate this day so much more.  You never know what's gonna happen when you step out the front door, let alone drive for an hour.  NEVER KNOW.  Family, I was SO glad to see you and talk to you all today.  I love all of you so dang much it hurts.  We've had our differences, but we're still FAMILY, and now we can be friends.  (Yes, Thornhills, you too!!!)  I did have to laugh when Tiya asked me how many pets I had.  "Inside or outside?"  I asked.  "Both!"  she said.  ha, I almost had to take off my shoes.

11 chickens (all with names and personalities), 2 horses, 5 outdoor cats (counting BOT), 2 dogs, 3 indoor cats . . .plus the 15 or so new chicks that are on their way next year.  Mom, Dad, this is ALL your fault.  You should have let me have something besides goldfish.  And a poodle.  And parakeets.  And finches.  And softbills.  And parrots.  I had to go out of my way to get a ferret, you horrible child abusers!  (just kidding--I love you anyway!!)

I hope you all had a day as wonderful as I did.  It was a great end to the old year, and may tomorrow and the new year be even better for all of us.  Happy New Year, folks.  Let's make the most of it.

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