Friday, December 16, 2011

OMG first text, now blog.

What's become of me?  I've always been (to borrow Gene Logsdon's title) a contrary farmer that has lived in cities.  I resisted text, then I gave in.  Now, it seems, I've given in to blogging.  Here's hoping you all like it. 

It's been a busy year on the farm (tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary of when we bought our 19 acres with house and outbuildings).  I have so many things to tell about that it'll make your head spin, but I'll save those for slow days! 

Today has been about average.  At least it's warm for December.  I'm still trying to get my chicken operation off the ground and have spent most of the day on the phone (today the issue is business cards).  Yep, if you know me, you know I have chickens and LOVE them.  Currently I have Bess, Mary, and Vicky (the Rhode Island Red hens); Hyacinth, Violet, and Daisy (the Buff Orpington hens), Spiderman (barred Cochin Bantam hen . . .my son named her!!), Beautiful Sweet (black Bearded Silkie, my daughter named her, and it fits!), Stewie (RIR roo), Trouble (Ameraucana roo), and Cow (Bantam Sultan roo).  All of them will be featured characters in the children's books I'm writing.

Since it's winter, egg production has dropped, and that's a problem.  Also a problem is dealing with the state to get licensed to sell eggs.  Good thing Scott got the large bottle of ibuprofen.  He'll need it too--he knows I just dropped a big chunk of change on fancy chickens for next year and I'm not done yet.  I'd like to expand my flock by 15 (more than double) next year.  And silly me, I'm even going to go for broke . . .raising my own Freedom Ranger broilers to provide us with meat.  Yeah, I'm the crazy chicken lady. 

So buckle in.  It's gonna be a funny ride . . .even if it takes me QUITE a while to laugh about it.  Oh, and Peter--this one's for you.


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  2. Well done, now the pressure is really on (me) I guess I'll have to do one as well. Does this thing spell check? It doesn't, oh well, I thought everything did these days. Google? Comon!

  3. Until you get your egg selling license, you could give some me! Mmmm, fresh eggs! Welcome to blogging. Maybe you will inspire me to do more with mine.

  4. Peter, I'll spell check for you. As you well know, I'm the grammar nazi! :D