Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bells on Discombobulation Ring

Here's hoping you all had a merry and safe Christmas.  As for me, I'm breathing a sigh of relief that it's (almost) over.  Just one last family gathering to go, and I've got a week to prepare for that.

It's been a heck of a last 2 days.  Yesterday, we were going to the in-laws.  Yep, I do have great in-laws.  But I overslept.  So, had to rush through chores, rush through a shower, rush rush rush.  I hate that.  Everything hurt, especially my elbow, which I screwed up by mis-catching a rather large piece of firewood.  I was also trying to make sure we had everything (turns out we forgot my granddaughter's present.  ACK.)  Needless to say, the day did NOT start out on a good note.

It did get better, thank goodness.  Then home to finish wrapping the last of the gifts.  It's amazing how much I forgot that I'd gotten for the kids.  I remembered that I'd gotten Scott a t-shirt (Real Men Drive Tractors) and promptly spent the next hour ransacking the house for it.  I finally gave up.  Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that I'd used it to pad another one of his presents that was already wrapped.  Sheesh.

So, after staying up way too late last night, the kids mercifully woke us at 7:30.  Turns out I had also forgotten about one of Caitlin's presents.  Sounds like I need a brain transplant already, doesn't it?  Presents went well--Santa forgot about the drench bit, but I did get the gun cleaning kit I wanted, plus got to bring Twinkie the orphaned kitten inside!  I'm pretty sure the kids and Scott were happy with theirs too.  It felt rather nice not to have to rush chores, but my elbow didn't thank me at all for dragging the hose out to water the horses.  Yep, the hose I keep coiled in the basement so it doesn't freeze shut.  Fun Fun Fun.

Then my dad, mom, and stepdad came for lunch.  We had a nice easy meal of Buhler sausage (and if you're from Kansas, it's THE BEST), fried potatoes, peas, and swiebach.  Sounds peaceful, right?  WRONG.  Several times today I swore that if I heard "Shana" or "mommy" again, I'd scream.  I can only do 5 things at once, people!  6 is too many!  As if that weren't good enough, Arthur got in serious trouble during the meal for cursing IN FRONT OF HIS GRANDPARENTS.  AAAAAAARGH.  Then I had to multitask between reading the Childrens Writers source guide and explaining YET AGAIN what I want in a chicken tractor.  (And no, Mother, the butterfly books you really think I should write are not going to happen until AFTER the chicken books are written.  No, Dad, I do not want to use caricatures or cartoons in my books.  Yes, John, I know Twinkie's nose is still a little runny.  Kids, you've had enough candy.  I mean it.  Where did I put WHAT, Scott?)

So I think I've earned the night off. All of you have too. So enjoy it, and Merry Christmas 2011. (Stewie and Hyacinth say Merry Christmas too!)


  1. Thanks for the laugh, Shana! I also forget where I've hidden presents, or forget altogether that I bought one. Sorry about your elbow!

  2. LMAO, glad to hear I'm not the only one! The elbow is getting better, and I'm thankful that Scott had a brace for it. Hope your Christmas was great and that your New Year will be even better!