Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Multitudinous Rants

So I went to the big city (Wichita) today.  Had a few last minute presents to pick up.  And I hear this ad for Spangles (or, as Renee says it, Shpanglesh) extolling the virtues of their new "select premium chicken strips" taken from only tenderloins of chicken.  Of course, being the crazy chicken lady, I got to thinking.

Spangles is a pretty much local fast food chain.  They think they pride themselves on quality, but I've gotten sick on their food more than once.  So, Renee, why don't you use more LOCAL food?  Why not use LOCALLY raised chickens?  And why only the tenderloin?  Who or what gets to use the rest of the chicken?

Again, I have the guru (Mr. Ussery) in mind when I say this.  His explanation of what happens to the excess cockerels (young roosters) at some hatcheries really made me think.  As he puts it, "cockerels are as much in demand as ants at a picnic", especially to backyard raisers.  So, whenever you place your pullet only order, you're responsible for that many male chicks being killed (since eggs hatch in a ratio of roughly 50/50) in a number of different ways, ranging from gas to grinders.  So, Renee, what happens to the rest of the chicken?  Why pay premium prices for substandard meat that has to be shipped in from God knows where?  Why not talk to local farmers and promote something like ORGANIC chicken strips?

My other rant for today involves Wichita and drivers therein.  Could there possibly be a worse-designed intersection than Kellogg and Rock?  I think not, and mind you, I've driven a lot of places.  I think I lost half of my teeth today from grinding and gritting my jaw.  All those tax dollars spent on inconvenient, incomprehensible exits.  Bleah.  Good thing I don't live there anymore.

I could start ranting about women.  I really want to.  So, I'm going to because this is my blog.  Some of the "fairer" sex really give the rest of us a bad name.  SERIOUSLY.  If you're so jealous that you need to know where your man is every minute, you really need to examine YOURSELF.  Especially if you're not taking care of your man at home.  I can be a control freak, but I know better than to try and control a man.  It ain't fun, it ain't pretty, and it hurts you both.  And ya know what, ladies?  Men and women CAN be friends.

I'm also sick of the stereotyping.  Just because I'm a woman means I have to have my hair and nails done and buy all kinds of expensive makeup, purses and shoes?  HOOEY.  I don't think I have a purse that matches any of my shoes (most of which are work boots).  I buy cheap makeup because, frankly, I just don't wear it more than a day a week.  I could care less about brand names for the most part (with the exception of my Ariat boots, which I LIVE in and LOVE 6 months of the year).  It's not the brand, but the quality and comfort.  I actually do remember now the last time I had my hair cut (about a month ago) but that was the first time I've darkened the door of a salon in almost 10 years.  My nails (the ones that aren't split, chipped, or cracked) are cut as short as I can get em.  If my hair or makeup don't work within 5 minutes, I give up.  Maybe if more people concentrated on what matters instead of how they look, the world would be a better place.

On the upside, there were lots of positives today.  Finally, the Christmas shopping is DONE.  (now I just have to knit hats!)  Got to see some good friends who were nice enough to refinish my stepdad's pistol for him.  4 eggs today--not stellar, but decent for winter.  And, while we got enough rain the other day for a moderate flood, the horses weren't up to their butts in water.  As a matter of fact, it helped with our logjam by moving most of the big trees to where we can get to them easier. 

And, I think I brightened a few days.  I always try to make a point of complimenting at least one stranger a day (because it makes me feel good when someone does it to me!).  The lady with the sparkly necklace, the lady with the embroidered jacket, and the guy that held the door for me (plus the aforementioned 2 great guys who I love to talk to and hang out with because they're not only great sources of info, but I know that they've got my back).  So yeah, I've got plenty to rant about, but I have even more to be thankful for.  Seems like a good balance to me.

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