Thursday, March 22, 2012

Down In The Dumps

I wonder why people think that just because I have a farm, that it's OK to dump their unwanted animals out here.  Yeah, I'm a rescue worker, but usually that involves personal contact with the person needing to rehome a pet.

I've seriously thought that there might be an animal newsletter that has a permanently running ad:  "If you want to leave your home, go to Shana's.  She'll feed you."  Lord knows enough animals have come running to the call.

Even when I lived in South Texas, the critters were coming.  Someone dropped a beagle puppy in my carport.  I spent a day or two trying to figure out what that strange noise was that was coming from behind the Harley.  Of course I fed the poor baby when I found her.  I called her Comet (since my then-current pup was named Ajax) and found her a good home.  I think that was my introduction to rescue.

One day down there, a feral chicken showed up in my front yard.  Steph and I tried to catch her, but she seemed to be a racing chicken.  We let her go and I thought nothing of it until my wonderful pup Dakotah (Gods rest his soul) brought me a baby chick in his mouth.  The chick was pretty wet with dog spit but unharmed.  Sure enough, that crazy chicken had her babies in my backyard.  I got plenty of giggles watching her and the chicks climb up the hibiscus bush and onto a tree branch, where she'd settle over them for the night.  Dakotah used to check on them until mama hen flew up in his face and pecked him hard between the eyes.  120 lb dog vs 5 lb chicken = mama hen wins.

So here we are on the farm.  One of our first "dumps" was Claire.  Whoever her previous owners were, they're really missing out on an awesome cat.  She hunts EVERYTHING smaller than her.  She eats snakes.  I had to raise my birdfeeders so she'd quit picking off the cardinals.  Still, she's sweet and friendly--if she finds you outside, she's twining around your legs, sitting on your lap, or perching on your shoulders. 

Here's Claire dispatching a snake for me. 
She's a Siamese mix (probably Flame point, with light ice blue eyes) and an awesome hunter.
At least I think she's fixed (since she hasn't had a litter in the last year) but still, somebody dumped her.

The other day, my darling hubby saw someone possibly dumping a dog out here.  I haven't seen said dog, but I hope like heck that it wasn't dumped.  Still, city folk, it's best to ask the surrounding farmers before you let your dog out for a run.  You see, we have dogs too.  We're not looking for a fight, and you probably aren't either (at least if you know what's good for you).  I fully understand wanting to let your pup stretch his legs a little, but have a care for who lives around there and who has dogs already.

I did voluntarily bring home some new barn cats.  One lives at Barb and Ralph's (she's a beautiful calico named Dolly).  Jack the Cat-ken (she thought she was a chicken and lived in the coop) hasn't been seen for about a month now.  I'm wondering if she found a better coop.  Still, the idea of people dumping their pets has always bothered me.

I mean, seriously.  If you can't keep your pet, what makes you think I can?  Why did you get a pet if you can't afford it?  (And thinking of Claire--REALLY?  How much does cat food cost?  REALLY?)  Why would you abandon a family member to the whims of nature or someone else?  Your dumped animal has less than no chance of becoming a pampered indoor pet if you dump it on someone's farm.  Even with ME (the biggest softie ever)--outdoor cats are outdoor cats, period.  I don't need any more dogs.  So what have you gained if you dump your pet?  I sure hope you can sleep at night after you think about it.

Yeah, go to Shana's.  She'll feed you.  Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will dump a Guernsey or an Angus calf out here.  Unless you want to dump a cow (or possibly a milk goat or a hair sheep), please stay away from my property.  I have enough, thank you.


  1. It isn't always the country. We had someone dump a kitten in our front yard in Garden City. She was really cute, half Siamese, and Kelsey made a half-hearted attempt at finding the owner. Of course we assumed someone had lost the kitten because who would want to lose this cute thing? But a neighbor told us that half Siamese kittens show up on a regular basis. Oh. Well, we kept Ali, and we already had two cats. Three house cats start to feel like a herd when they all want chow first thing in the morning.

  2. At least whoever dumped Claire had had her fixed. Sometimes I wish they hadn't--she's such an awesome hunter that her kittens would be welcome additions!