Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here we go again.

Well folks, I thought I had enough chickens.  Apparently I don't.  My friend Keena just got a breeding pair of Swedish Flowers and, after doing more reading, I must have some. 

Photo from, the original importers

Photo from &

According to, there are still only about 1,000 of them existing in scattered flocks.  Who would have thought?  Not only are they gorgeous, but they're supposed to be endearing, confident, calm, and non-aggressive in addition to being great layers.  They're also hardy.  Who could NOT want them? 

I'm sure glad that my hubby is as patient as he is.  He's also a good carpenter, which helps because I think I'm going to need 3 more full size coops.  And tractors.  And electronet. 

The good news on other fronts is that we're holding steady on the rest of the chooks--no more losses, and the Yoko/Phoenixes are due soon.  Wonderful Scott is out in the garage building a tractor for the broilers now.  YAY!  I'll get them out of the screen porch!  The littler chickies are about old enough to start spending the day in an outdoor pen in the yard.  They'll love it, I'm sure.

Have a great night folks, and say a prayer for my hubby.  He needs all the help he can get when faced with my chicken addiction!

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