Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've got friends in unexpected places . . .

OK, here's a link to the tune.  Replace "low" with unexpected and you'll get the gist.

A few days ago, I got a message from a new friend.  Angie, this is you.  Mind you, I met her through an old classmate of my brother's.  She had a rescue chicken to place and Kip put her in touch with me.  She did find the hen a home, but in talking we found that we did have a lot in common.  We talk every now and then, and it's always fun.  So, she needed my address.  We'd been talking about having her and her hubby come out to the farm anyway, so I gave her my addy and told her to call for directions.  She said she didn't need directions yet, but she'd found a shirt that had me written all over it.  OK!  I wondered what in the world it could be. 

So I got it today, and sure enough, it's me. 

How incredibly cool is it that someone I've never met in person thinks of me when they see this?  How did she know what lengths I go to to avoid malls?  I always love to find friends in unexpected places!

Another example is the Warnicas.  I wanted some guineas to eat ticks since we always have problems with them out here.  Sure enough, they had them, and cheap.  It was my bad that I put them in a pen that they all escaped from, but talking to Brad and Dee was awesome.  It turns out that Dee used to live across the street from my parents before I was even a glimmer in their eyes.  They're awesome people--honest, easy to talk to, just plain good Kansas people.

Then there's Teresa.  She has made some of my dreams come true.  Like I mentioned a few posts back, I'd written off some chicken breeds that I wanted, but since she was willing to share an order with me . . .I'm getting them!  I would have never met her except on the facebook poultry swap.  How cool is that?  Then I got to collaborate with her on a farm animal swap.  SWEET.  Goodness knows I'll need those folks too--we're seriously considering raising our own grass fed beef next year.

And of course, cool goes without saying with my Yokohama/Phoenixes.  I spent half an hour today talking to my roo Maki.  He gives me some funny looks now and then, but he's very expressive as to levels of happiness.  Thanks, Candace (again, someone I wouldn't have met without the poultry swap) for some awesome birdies.  I can't wait to see what you bring me in April!

Barb and Ralph are also people I can't afford to take for granted.  They're our closest neighbors, and we share MANY of the same views.  If they weren't such amazing people, we wouldn't be able to make it out here. 

Amy Helmer Boudreaux, thanks for giving the heads up about prowlers in the neighborhood.  My dogs are inside and never hesitate to sound an alarm, but still nice to know to be on our toes.  I hope to get to know you better outside of this situation!

I'd also like to thank the rest of the folks here in Marion.  You've all been so great and receptive to me and my family.  I can't wait to start up the farmers' market this summer and bring people into our town . . .and not only ours, but hopefully collaborate with Hillsboro and Florence to stimulate us all.  Being on the Marion Pride committee has introduced me to so many folks and given me so many ideas. I can't wait to put those ideas into practice and build our town into "THE" place to go in Kansas.

Folks, friends--true friends--come from unexpected places sometimes.  Value every smile you see on the street.  Appreciate everyone who waves to you on the road.  They might be the people who help you tomorrow . . .or need YOUR help.  As long as you remember the Golden Rule and make it a personal goal to "one up" it, you'll be fine.  Do unto others better than you want done to you.  Pay it forward, and I can't stress that enough.  Goodnight :)

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